Welcome to Sarah Dee Does Uke

I Sarah Dee the great and wondrous ukulele player that plays beautiful songs with the help of Muriel her Ukulele.
The idea was formed with the two heads of Sarah Dee(myself) and Kay Tor came up with the ideathat people
should request songs andI Sarah Dee shall play the songs that are requested on Muriel (That's my Uke's name.)

How this works:
Somehow request a song - leave a comment somewhere
You can request more then one song just incase the other one does not work out.
Also I might not practice before hand and what you hear is the first try or second we shall see.

Anyway there is it request away.

PS. I shall also sing.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Dear Devoted Listeners / Reads:

I have finally came round to recording something. Not only have I recorded something I have recorded it poorly and probably maybe do a better recording at some point but for now this shall do.

This is a song written and sung and played by Sarah Dee as and that is me. It is a song about making a Shrine in my bedroom and how I have come to collect all of the things to add to my shrine of the person I am  stalking. This also can be a song about anyone so you better watch out because it could be you!

Also you get to see my wonderful face for people who miss me or for the people that just want to see my face even more.


  1. Not only is this an excellent song, but your playing is like a million times better than it used to be! We need to duet already!

  2. Ps it is true that it is good to see your face and Hearing your voice also, especially singing interesting songs. Please make more!

    1. Why Thank You Kay Tor!
      I play it a heck of a lot since it is fun and it makes me feel like I have accomplished something while sitting around not really not accomplishing anything.
      Like wow I just sat around all day well at least I played my uke too.
      Yes we should get on our duets sometime.
      And I have more coming it might not be Sarah Dee originals but just other songs but I have some originals up my sleeve and ready to be played.