Welcome to Sarah Dee Does Uke

I Sarah Dee the great and wondrous ukulele player that plays beautiful songs with the help of Muriel her Ukulele.
The idea was formed with the two heads of Sarah Dee(myself) and Kay Tor came up with the ideathat people
should request songs andI Sarah Dee shall play the songs that are requested on Muriel (That's my Uke's name.)

How this works:
Somehow request a song - leave a comment somewhere
You can request more then one song just incase the other one does not work out.
Also I might not practice before hand and what you hear is the first try or second we shall see.

Anyway there is it request away.

PS. I shall also sing.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sarah Dee Does If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out.

Yes a new song. This song is by Cat Stevens and is featured in the movie Harold and Maude it's one of my fave movies and it has the best sound track which are all Cat Stevens songs. I am sorry that my uke did not get in the video and it seems like it is just me singing and doing a very light shoulder dance. Also my computer has a pretty bad microphone so I am sorry for the quality. 

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